10 of the Best Travel Blogs for 2015

The Wandering Lens

Be prepared to be totally immersed in the visual online universe of Australian photographer Lisa Michelle Burns. Here you won’t just get yourself tips for utilizing your DSLR better at whatever point you are voyaging additionally It keep you longing for more with picture galore. Lisa some time ago worked with Lonely Planet, cooperated with administrators and tourism boards over the globe and her work has been published on print media, for example, Vogue Australia and The Sunday Times Traveler magazine. Luckily for us, she is delightful about offering her enthusiasm for travel and adoration for photography. Go along with her as she imparts her capers of The Wandering Lens and even impart your pictures to her by means of Instagram @the_wanderinglens utilizing the hashtag .

‘Weekend Wanderlust’ will become a regular Friday evening post featuring images from a destination I think is dream worthy! First up it’s the aquatic…

It’s worth a Shot

It’s worth a shot’ accounts the adventures of Australian scenery and travel photographer, Matt Donovan. Other than his photographs being completely lovely, Matt has likewise put aside an entire part centered to showing you how to do it same way. He’s such a pleasant fellow. He is enthusiastic about craftsmanship; he later took up graphic design studies in 2009-10 where he was acquainted with fundamental photography. When he later gained his first DSLR camera, it was a voyage of disclosure and learning and from that point forward, he has never thought back! You can complete Matt Donovan his online journal at http://www.itsworthashot.com.

I’d love to say I’ve been taking photos since I was knee high to a grasshopper, but that’s not the case. I’ve spent my whole life loving art and all things creative, which inevitably led me to study graphic design in 2009-10. During that time I took an extremely basic photography class. It was then that I picked up my first DSLR not having a clue how to use it. Years passed and I decided it was time to dedicate all my free time to learning the ever growing art of photography. I’ve never looked back!

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Barefoot Beach Blonde

Originating from Tropical North Queensland, this traveler lady really has her adventurous side on and doesn’t appear to tire – she never stays at one spot for a really long time. Her blog is a mix of amusing stories, fascinating exhortation and a ceaseless enthusiasm for travel that is irresistible.

Barefoot Beach BlondeWell, who is Barefoot Beach Blonde would probably be the better question to ask. The answer is of course: ME! I’m the Barefoot Beach Blonde, a travelling soul living the life while wrangling with a few inherited drops of gypsy blood. I’m a writer

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This Island life

On the off chance that you could be agreeable in a bikini or a couple of boardshorts, all things considered this site will extinguish your salt water wanting. Laura Mcwhinnie, fundamentally flies out to the world’s most tropical ends and showcases them off with flawless photography and features. Much the same as a standard day work, truly. The fundamental subject of this online journal revolves around summer. Their fantasy is to take after the mid year on every extraordinary place on the earth. Having its genesis in the Bondi Beach in Australia – the greatest island on the planet, THIS ISLAND LIFE is an online portal for warm climate roused design, surf, travel, excellence and design from any corner of the globe.

The Hungry Australian

In the event that you are the sort whose expedition plans are determined by your culinary flavors, then Christina from the Hungry Australian should be your friend. In 2014, The Hungry Australian won both Best Australian Blog 2014 and Best Food Blog 2014 in the Best Australian Blogs contest facilitated by the Australian Writers Center. Christina is a helping author who has a rich collection of many distributed pieces about food, eating out, way of life, arts and music to print and additionally online publications including The China Daily, That’s Shanghai and others.

Travels with Nina

Independent travel writer Karnikowski dispatched her blog right on time in 2014 with a wonderful piece of substance added to her repertoire from her journeys through South-east Asia, India, Africa, and the Pacific however this Sydney-side fascination additionally incorporates a great deal of tips and audits for experiences closer to home too. Nina was earlier staff travel essayist for Sydney Morning Herald, working generally on their travel areas, Traveler on Sunday and Saturday Traveler furthermore composing for Life, Luxury and Leisure periodicals in the Australian Financial Review. Travels with Nina incorporates  location guides, food and wine hotels, encounters, retreats and more from indigenous places over the globe – from Nepal, India, Africa, China, Papua New Guinea and more distant – exhibited by Nina’s unique photography. It’s without a doubt a spot to visit and get roused to hop into your wild advenrures.

The blonde Tourist

On the off chance that you are travelling to Sydney, look at her ‘Noms Wishlist’ – it essentially condenses each extraordinary spot you can consider to eat and checks out the ones she has been to so your envy can be stirred up. Her “30” preceding “30” is like the Noms list however with fewer chopsticks and additional climbing and hiking. Presently, will that be a piece of an outing to Queensland?

The Kid Bucket List

Milk a dairy animals, Sheer a sheep, hold a crocodile – these are only some of the activities that are included in the Kid bucket list. Join this family’s endeavor and play along to complete it. Each child merits a bucket list is this present blog’s rationality – more like a rundown of the things you might want to do with your child before they get to High School. It may incorporate little snippets of wistfulness as you compose things you once did as a  child with your own folks like planting pansies in the backyard or as you learnt to buoy a rope on water. The amazing thing about Bucket List is that you can continue including things as you cross them out. You are likewise under no pressure to complete every one of them, they can stay in the Bucket prepared and waiting for the correct time. It makes you think what you might want to do with your youngsters and also help you to discover adventures at strange spots. Going with children can end up being fun and beneficial.

The PlanetD

Dave and Deb are the couple behind this blog, they are from Toroonto, Canada. they are not your normal couple but what cannot escape one is both their love and passion for travel and adventure and even says that travel saved their marriage. As they searched for an occupation which would ensure they spent more time together, they stumbled on travel which according to them is what made them both happy.

They coined a motto, “Adventure is For Everyone”.  Their goal is to proof that you don’t have to be an athlete or adrenaline addict or be very rich to be an adventurer. They have fully emmersed themselves in travelling and spending time in different countries, engaging the culture and making new friends, they have visited more than 80 countries and been part of exciting adventure from exploring mount Kilimanjaro and hiking to mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal.

Young Adventures

Liz who runs this blog is a self confessed ‘wanderer’ who is always out travelling the world searching for the next big adventure. She comes from Spain and she works an elementary school teacher and lives in Cordoba, Southern Spain. She will arouse your jealousy and may even make inspire you to make some steps towards exploring Australia and more.