Lesser Known Florida Attractions

  • April 15, 2011 12:32 pm
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    Lesser Known Florida Attractions

    Hello Fellow Travelers, Seymour O. DeSytes here – I’m a serial vacationer who works “in the biz” and loves to sniff out great travel deals and fun travel ideas. This blog is about… where else? Theme Park Central – Orlando.
    Orlando “must-dos” are the Mouse, the Wizard, and the Whale. But then what? Of course I always take in these attractions – after all, they’ve made Orlando a premier destination for travelers worldwide – but I also enjoy sniffing out a few lesser known attractions.

    Like Fantasy of Flight in Polk City (about 45 minutes away). World renowned aviator Kermit Weeks’s collection of vintage WWI & WWII aircraft is like no other in the world. And with most of them in working order, you are guaranteed to see at least one take flight daily. Aviation buffs and anyone with kids should definitely check this place out.

    Or how about Ripley’s Odditorium right here in Orlando? Part of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not empire, this place is a 10,000 square foot tribute to the bizarre, odd, strange, and at times, disgusting. Examples? How about a portrait of singer Beyonce made entirely from candy, a balloon-powered chair that flew over the Rocky Mountains, or an actual human shrunken head.

    And if you weren’t sold at the Beyonce portrait (I was), how about the return of the legendary fertility statues. Have you heard about these things? Apparently all you have to do is get in the room with them, and you are immediately impregnated. Over two thousand pregnancies have been attributed to simply rubbing the statues while on display at the Odditorium or on their recent world tour. Now the statues are – how do I say this – anatomically correct. So they keep them in a back area with a sign in sheet for adults wishing to conceive. Not being in the market for a baby or a cheap thrill, I skipped this gallery. But if you are considering either, it’s included in the admission price.

    And if you still have energy for something a little bit different, try WonderWorks: “Central Florida’s only upside down attraction.” That’s right, the entire building – a big one – looks like it has been picked up by a tornado and dropped upside down on its roof. It’s truly bizarre, and hard to describe. One of those things you just have to see to believe – like Dolly Parton.

    Anyway, once inside, your senses will be bombarded with exhibits and activities like laser tag, a 4-D theatre (whatever that is), a 3-story rope climbing challenge and 5.3 magnitude earthquake simulator. I’m not much for rope climbing, and I think we’ve had enough of real earthquakes lately to last a lifetime.

    But I am so there on the laser tag. I always bring my own equipment, rather than use the stuff they try to rent you at these places. It’s fine for amateurs, but I like to know my equipment is going to perform when the rubber meets the road, if you know what I mean. But I will say it is getting harder and harder to explain to TSA screeners why a grown man is checking so much laser tag weaponry in his baggage. Oh well, boys and their toys, right?

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    1. James T says:
      Posted April 18, 2011 2:07 pm

      Good article, thanks. Orlando has a lot to offer besides the mega theme parks. We've actually been to the WonderWorks house - it sits on the point of its roof. Really a trip - I reccommend it, too.

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